Your Way*Fresh Strives to Nourish Both Our Customers and the Planet

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More than Recycling

We understand at Your Way*Fresh that being part of a global community means more than recycling or doing the bare minimum. Our commitment to farmers and the environment helps support local communities to promote sustainability at a larger scale. 

Reducing Our Waste & Giving Back

We reduce excess fruit and vegetable waste by converting hundreds of tons of food by-products a year into feed for livestock. What would have previously gone into landfills now fills the bellies of animals across the country.

Your Way*Fresh knows that every bit helps on a wider scale. That’s why we donate fruits and vegetables to our local communities. 

We believe our carbon footprint matters. By going semi-paperless, maintaining pH balanced water supplies, and recycling all the cardboard shipped in our facilities, we care about the future of our, and your, global community. That’s just Our Way.

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